when all else fails

Like everyone I presume, I get emails that impart scandalous information about the rich and powerful’s ongoing efforts to destroy the planet. While they keep us topped up with drink and drugs, and glued to TV sports shows and celebrity bosh, we are all quietly being shafted. Ho hum… Occasionally, before I can stop myself, […]

keep my mouth shut

I have been curiously quiet recently. Here in the land of blog, at any rate. I like to think I’m finally learning that when I’ve nothing much to say I do well to keep my mouth shut. So rather than churn out doggerel on my blogs -bloggerel?- I have confined my noise making to the musical […]

house concerts

I’m getting involved in house concerts this autumn. We are starting quietly in 2 different houses. In both venues, we have decided to stage the show in the living room, with the performer(s) positioned in front of the fireplace. The burning of wood and coal will be temporarily suspended! 15 – 20 guests maximum are expected.  Admission […]