Nov/Dec Tour day 3

Last night I played as the featured act at the Open Mike night of the West Malvern Social Club. What a treat! This gathering is an object lesson in how folk clubs used to, and should be. Local folks each playing a few tunes or songs, supporting each other, dancing, drinking and carousing together for […]

UK Tour Nov/Dec day 2

Last night I played my first gig of the tour, in the B Bar in Plymouth, Devon. It was a cold and blustery night, so I was very grateful that the 6 tables full of people had made it, and stuck around to listen. If the contents of the hat are in any indication, then […]

what makes a great song?

Watching my friend, Rachelle, singing this great song got me pondering that pithy, never-to-be-answered-fully question. Is it the melody? Is it the lyric, or subject matter? Is it the way it is sung? Is it the rhythm? Does it make you want to join in? Any of these by themselves may get your attention. But […]