my stringed instruments

I am currently determined to keep my chops in shape on 3 different instruments, all stringed. Acoustic guitar, mandolin & bass. Rather than elaborate linear practice regimes, I elect to spend time regularly, just singing and playing one of the three. This is fun, natural exercise, and sometimes I even wind up writing a song. Two weeks […]

practice, practice

Today I am climbing aboard my soapbox.  Whatever I have learnt about the guitar is a direct result of time spent practicing. There are no short cuts. You can take lessons, study other guitarists, watch videos and  trawl the internet. All of these pastimes will be instructive and may well  highlight  aspects of guitar playing for you […]

Finger and Throat Workout

  This morning, after various duties have been discharged, there remains barely 15 minutes to lay hands on the 6 string, before I have to go off for the day.  Scales are put aside and 3 songs are sung from beginning to end. The first has a fingerstyle accompaniment, the next two involve a plectrum, and include a short […]

come on in my kitchen

                I have a gig on Wednesday, the first since my stint as bass player for George Kilby Jr. For the last two days I’ve been at work all day, so there’s not been much time to practice. This morning has been clear to sing and play some. I usually […]