when all else fails

Like everyone I presume, I get emails that impart scandalous information about the rich and powerful’s ongoing efforts to destroy the planet. While they keep us topped up with drink and drugs, and glued to TV sports shows and celebrity bosh, we are all quietly being shafted. Ho hum… Occasionally, before I can stop myself, […]


Last Saturday, January 23rd, was Django Reinhardt‘s 100th birthday. This morning a friend pointed out to me that  BBC radio had provided precisely nothing by way of celebration for this extraordinary man’s centennial. What a great shame, and what a criminal lack of respect for one of the giants of 20th century popular music. I […]

St Valentine’s Day is coming

Its 3 weeks away, but I am about to record a song of mine, ‘Wont You Be My Valentine’, so I’ve been doing a little research. Our traditions would suggest that he is the patron saint of romantic love. Who was he? The origin of St. Valentine, and how many St. Valentines there were, remains […]

songs and kisses

Songs are like kisses. They are there and then they are gone. The urge to sing is like the urge to kiss. Until you do, you may writhe in an agony of anticipation. The joy of singing resembles the pleasure of kissing. Sweet relief. They are both tender, pure and true. And a good song, sung again and […]

new years eve

Here is one more(!) holiday song for you to have, new years eve 2009 As the December party season grinds on, the grand finale looms. Amateur night. People who barely touch a drink for the rest of the year, feel compelled to drink themselves stupid, and often sick, on New Years Eve. For us jaded party professionals, […]

christmas morning

About this time each year, we start to long for the morning of the 25th. Enough preparation already! Here is one more Christmas song for you to have. The song is called Christmas morning. A small gift for you. Not much to say about it, except that it is an example of recent transatlantic collaboration […]

happy birthday Jesus

What kind of a man continues to have a birthday each year, at which everyone else buys each other presents and largely ignores him? And he doesn’t complain? ‘A dead man,’ you might reply. We are told he was put to death, but we are also told he came back to life three days later. So […]

the recorder

I am about to go add a recorder track to something I’m working on. Recorder was my first instrument. I play it so rarely nowadays, that I find it extremely difficult to get an acceptable tone out of. Treble is a little mellower than descant, but I’m even less familiar with that. So I expect I shall […]

my little cleaver

I am about to record a song which provided the title for my other blog, My Little Cleaver. The words were written by my friend Walt Turton and I wrote the music. Walt is one of the most talented people I know. He is also a confirmed Luddite who would rather put his head in […]

comparisons are malodorous

We seem to be gearing up once again for the Awards season. Get ready for Grammys, Oscars, Baftas, and a host off lesser(?) shindigs all conspiring to make a small number of people feel adored, and a great number of also-rans feel inadequate. A glance at this morning’s news tells me that last night, in […]