we’ll be dancing while we regroup!

video explaining state of play + a wee song!…and since this project is for the moment on hold, we shall turn our attention to other things, including dancing for joy at the wonder of it all… my heartfelt thanks to the following backers who have joined us since the last update… John Cochrane Chris Barron […]

11 days to go!

Here’s me in my home studio singing a song that might well end up on our new album. There’s another one on the campaign page, which was too big a file to go here!… When I was getting this campaign together, with Jono Manson‘s help I diligently thought of every conceivable expense, and came up […]

Day 7 – momentum slowly building

what a hair raising business this crowdfunding malarkey is!…luckily most of my hair fell out long ago… I am very grateful to all of you for the support you have given me…since the last update the following people have joined us – Luc Borms Lee Cave-Berry Stephen B Antonakos Lucy Plewman Kevin Buxton Guy Coombe-Whitlock […]

Day 4 – starting to cook!

Hello there!…our Kickstarter campaign is starting to pick up a little momentum, and I’ve got a couple more irons in the fire that should see an upswing over the next week or so… big thanks to the following supporters who have generously pledged in the last couple of days… Jay Sherman-Godfrey Dolly Bonner Chris Forman […]

the food of love

I expect love in all its manifestations has a wide and varied diet. In my case music is the staple. When I am playing music, or have just finished, I feel well and satisfied. Conversely, the longer it is since I played music, the lousier I feel. So I play music every day, and everything […]

monitor mix

I went to see friends from the US do a show the other day. It was in a great little village hall. All wood building which made for a great sound. There was a nice crowd of people who seemed to enjoy the show. The only people not enjoying it were the artists, who despite […]

the claw of doom

Two days ago I opened my mandolin case and a clawed birds leg tumbled out. Surprise doesn’t begin to describe my reaction. Right away my fevered brain started throwing up possible explanations. The first and most likely story seemed that someone put it there at my last gig while my attention was elsewhere. A little strange, but then what would […]

national music day

In 1994 I won a competition to write a theme song for National Music Day. This was its 3rd year in the UK. It had been launched in 1992, following a campaign initiated by Tim Renton MP and Mick Jagger, based on the great success of this national annual event in France. 16 years on, […]

keeping it simple

In between getting my back yard ready to seed a little lawn, preparing to reorganise and decorate my office/studio, feeding the tribe, with all the hunting and gathering that entails, and a little dusting(!), I am making some fresh recordings of songs of mine. For expediency’s sake, but also because I like the sound of […]

because I love it

This musical life is fraught with disappointment. I expect too much. Ideally I would go about my business with no expectations whatsoever. Yet at the heart of any business is the hope that sustained effort will reap some measurable reward. I believe that playing music is its own reward. I write songs, sing them to people […]