practice, practice

Today I am climbing aboard my soapbox.  Whatever I have learnt about the guitar is a direct result of time spent practicing. There are no short cuts. You can take lessons, study other guitarists, watch videos and  trawl the internet. All of these pastimes will be instructive and may well  highlight  aspects of guitar playing for you […]

new strings

The instruments need new strings. I have the strings, so there is no excuse. Its one of those tasks that the minute I’ve done it, I wonder why I waited so long. But until I begin, I am filled with dread. Often I wind up waiting till there is something I want to watch on […]

Finger and Throat Workout

  This morning, after various duties have been discharged, there remains barely 15 minutes to lay hands on the 6 string, before I have to go off for the day.  Scales are put aside and 3 songs are sung from beginning to end. The first has a fingerstyle accompaniment, the next two involve a plectrum, and include a short […]

looking better….to sound better!

Why would something as sensitive and magnificent as a guitar respond warmly to being around someone dirty and smelly? You wouldnt go out for the evening with your spouse or partner without making some effort to freshen up. There is every reason to treat the instrument with which you make the music you love with […]