monitor mix

I went to see friends from the US do a show the other day. It was in a great little village hall. All wood building which made for a great sound. There was a nice crowd of people who seemed to enjoy the show. The only people not enjoying it were the artists, who despite […]

when all else fails

Like everyone I presume, I get emails that impart scandalous information about the rich and powerful’s ongoing efforts to destroy the planet. While they keep us topped up with drink and drugs, and glued to TV sports shows and celebrity bosh, we are all quietly being shafted. Ho hum… Occasionally, before I can stop myself, […]

comparisons are malodorous

We seem to be gearing up once again for the Awards season. Get ready for Grammys, Oscars, Baftas, and a host off lesser(?) shindigs all conspiring to make a small number of people feel adored, and a great number of also-rans feel inadequate. A glance at this morning’s news tells me that last night, in […]

money for old rope?

Heres a curious thing. For a mere $375, I am being offered an ‘impartial, objective review of my work, written in the same format – and to the same standard of professionalism and expertise – as a traditional Billboard review.’ What clients will not get is, ‘Publication or exposure in Billboard Magazine or Reviews you […]