we’ll be dancing while we regroup!

video explaining state of play + a wee song!…and since this project is for the moment on hold, we shall turn our attention to other things, including dancing for joy at the wonder of it all… my heartfelt thanks to the following backers who have joined us since the last update… John Cochrane Chris Barron […]

just a week left

The Dogs! Tramps NYC circa 1990. Four members of this infamously fabulous band will be involved in the album we are planning to make. We’ve known each other, and been collaborating on and off, for a long time! I am so very grateful to all of you who have demonstrated your faith in me and […]

11 days to go!

Here’s me in my home studio singing a song that might well end up on our new album. There’s another one on the campaign page, which was too big a file to go here!… When I was getting this campaign together, with Jono Manson‘s help I diligently thought of every conceivable expense, and came up […]

Kickstarter campaign: new goal

Firstly, big thanks to everyone who has pledged so far! Your support is invaluable and very encouraging. I have come up with a new goal. Based on the amount pledged so far, and the number of you who have pledged(just under 100), we need to round up another 550 backers to reach our target sum. […]

Day 7 – momentum slowly building

what a hair raising business this crowdfunding malarkey is!…luckily most of my hair fell out long ago… I am very grateful to all of you for the support you have given me…since the last update the following people have joined us – Luc Borms Lee Cave-Berry Stephen B Antonakos Lucy Plewman Kevin Buxton Guy Coombe-Whitlock […]

about to Kickstart…

Tomorrow I am launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to record a new album. You can look at a preview of the campaign here. I have been working on this since early January, doing research on how it works, how other people have fared(including a handful of musician friends), and figuring out in […]

Nov/Dec Tour Day 13

After 6 hours sleep on Saturday night, upstairs in the Blue Anchor in Brixham, Devon, I hit the road at 7.30am bound for Cambridge to make our regular 1st-Sunday-of-the-month gig at the Geldart with Andy & The Sure Can Play Boys. Not only had Andy brought his new resonator guitar but also had come armed […]

Nov/Dec Tour Day 12

Saturday found me making my way down to Brixham in Devon to spend the evening singing and playing in the Blue Anchor pub. I arrived in time for a short lie-down upstairs. Emma the landlady was most welcoming, and when I came downstairs, I set up my stuff and then sat down to enjoy a […]

Nov/Dec Tour Day 11

Once in a while I get to finally meet someone I have known digitally for a while, through mutual friends etc. Friday night produced one of those moments when I went to see and hear Aaron Beavers and his fabulous band SHURMAN. I had Friday off, so arranged to stay with my cousin Eva and […]

Nov/Dec Tour Day 10

Last night Matt Woosey¬†and I both performed sets at a special eating and hanging event organised by Angela Yon. It was a fabulous evening! Angela prepared some delicious food and the two dozen or so guests brought the drinks of their choice. Once most of the eating had been accomplished, the music began. Matt played […]