my little cleaver

I am about to record a song which provided the title for my other blog, My Little Cleaver. The words were written by my friend Walt Turton and I wrote the music. Walt is one of the most talented people I know. He is also a confirmed Luddite who would rather put his head in […]

house concerts

I’m getting involved in house concerts this autumn. We are starting quietly in 2 different houses. In both venues, we have decided to stage the show in the living room, with the performer(s) positioned in front of the fireplace. The burning of wood and coal will be temporarily suspended! 15 – 20 guests maximum are expected.  Admission […]

Corn Flakes in the house

This evening, myself and my two trusty cohorts will be plying our trade in this action packed cellar bar. They stop serving at 1.00am, which by English standards is l-l-late! I dont think we have ever had a dull evening here. Refreshingly, there are more or less equal parts men and women on the prowl. Its […]

I pick it up…..I put it down

I have had one guitar or another since I was 13. Thats 46 years. Currently my main squeeze is a Martin D35 I have had for 22 years. Once I have picked it up and tuned it, anything can happen. Most days I get at least this far. For more great content, remember to subscribe to […]