we’ll be dancing while we regroup!

video explaining state of play + a wee song!…and since this project is for the moment on hold, we shall turn our attention to other things, including dancing for joy at the wonder of it all… my heartfelt thanks to the following backers who have joined us since the last update… John Cochrane Chris Barron […]

just a week left

The Dogs! Tramps NYC circa 1990. Four members of this infamously fabulous band will be involved in the album we are planning to make. We’ve known each other, and been collaborating on and off, for a long time! I am so very grateful to all of you who have demonstrated your faith in me and […]

11 days to go!

Here’s me in my home studio singing a song that might well end up on our new album. There’s another one on the campaign page, which was too big a file to go here!… When I was getting this campaign together, with Jono Manson‘s help I diligently thought of every conceivable expense, and came up […]

Day 4 – starting to cook!

Hello there!…our Kickstarter campaign is starting to pick up a little momentum, and I’ve got a couple more irons in the fire that should see an upswing over the next week or so… big thanks to the following supporters who have generously pledged in the last couple of days… Jay Sherman-Godfrey Dolly Bonner Chris Forman […]

Day 2 of Kickstarter campaign

So we are into Day 2. The 1st day has been an excellent start. The following people have generously made pledges… Dan McLoughlin Rob Wain Rosie McMurray Bill Kelly Clare Hayes Stuart Fraser Dan Levy Tom Bainbridge Laura Frankie D Gwyneth Woodford Hank Bacon Jay Williams Jaime Michaels Derek Thank you all very, very much…WE […]

launch complete!

and we’re off! This morning I launched my 1st ever Kickstarter campaign. Please check it out. We are looking to raise quite a sum, but not a penny will be wasted. No new cars…or even shoes! Just the money we need to pay for the many facets of this project. We hope you will consider […]

you above all things

Recording finally done. You can listen and/or download for free here http://georgebreakfast.bandcamp.com/track/you-above-all-things The text is also there should you want it. In the unlikely event that you or someone you know would like to perform it, please let me know how it turns out. For more great content, remember to subscribe to my RSS feed. […]

christmas morning

About this time each year, we start to long for the morning of the 25th. Enough preparation already! Here is one more Christmas song for you to have. The song is called Christmas morning. A small gift for you. Not much to say about it, except that it is an example of recent transatlantic collaboration […]

happy birthday Jesus

What kind of a man continues to have a birthday each year, at which everyone else buys each other presents and largely ignores him? And he doesn’t complain? ‘A dead man,’ you might reply. We are told he was put to death, but we are also told he came back to life three days later. So […]

time for a benefit

This great Cambridge community radio station needs our help. Unless they can raise sufficient funds very soon, they will have to stop broadcasting before the end of the year. Us musicians, notoriously penniless, can nevertheless do something to help. We can play music! At very short notice we plan to put together a benefit show featuring some of the […]