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tramps dogs 1990The Dogs! Tramps NYC circa 1990. Four members of this infamously fabulous band will be involved in the album we are planning to make. We’ve known each other, and been collaborating on and off, for a long time!

I am so very grateful to all of you who have demonstrated your faith in me and stuck your necks out and pledged. All of you have already earned my undying gratitude.

Now it is CRUNCH TIME! If we are to make it we have to raise another £23000 by Wed, Mar 16 2016 3:09 PM GMT.Thats a pretty tall order. I STILL believe its do-able, but we need a miraculous surge of enthusiasm to pull it off! So please, in any way you can think of, encourage people you know with comparable music tastes to join us. A mere £7 will secure their digital copy.

Here’s the link http://dld.bz/eppkD

One exciting byproduct of this whole endeavour is that a couple of different people have approached me suggesting songs of mine I had forgotten all about. I have large backlog of unrecorded material, so fresh music we got!

Here’s a video clip of us performing, last Sunday, a song Fabian and I have come up with recently, that is destined for the album…’I Love Crazy’

Profuse thanks to the following backers who have pledged since the last update,
Amy Faust
Rachel Park
Mike Mockford
Ryan Pancoast
SJ Mortimer
Paul McGovern
Christina Aplin
Richard Friend
Richard Lee
Dan Wilde
Richard Williams
Brenda Waldemar
Richard Keys
Dianna Jones
Jack Whelpton

Your support means the world to me…
I am praying now for a miracle, and in the meantime any help you can muster would be great!
love & peace,

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