11 days to go!

Here’s me in my home studio singing a song that might well end up on our new album. There’s another one on the campaign page, which was too big a file to go here!…

When I was getting this campaign together, with Jono Manson‘s help I diligently thought of every conceivable expense, and came up with a terrifying total! We chipped away at as best we could, and whittled it down to £29000. This is what we need to get the job done. No extras, payoffs, weekend getaways, or even a new pair of shoes.

Money changes everything, doesn’t it? To some this amount is an unimaginable small fortune, to others a respectable sum, and to a privileged few, small change! In my micro-economy I would normally expect a house, a car, and maybe a small island for this kind of money.

Nonetheless, we need to raise this amount, or the record will not get made….which would be a great shame! I still believe its do-able, but we need a great deal of help and shared enthusiasm if we are going to make it in time.

We are so grateful to all of you who have already pledged. I am now asking you to PLEASE ask anyone you know who might enjoy hearing our record, to consider joining us and help make it a reality. THANK YOU!!

check out the latest FEATURED REWARD…

•a download of an exclusive video diary of rehearsing, recording and goings on throughout the making of this record…you’ll be hanging with the band!
+High Quality CD of our New Recording and a personal thank you on our Kickstarter update page.
+ Digital Download

I want to personally thank the following people who have pledged since the last update…

Eddie Zengeni
Ron Sunshine
Liz Grace & Joe Flood
Sue Luxon-Seymour
Annie Lacey
Sean Thornton
Severine Fox
Jenny Skiltzen
Bente Svendsen
Lisa J Hann
James Marshall
Leslie Werstein Hann
Charles Wilson
Hugh Salt
Alice Mockford

I do believe in miracles…let’s make one happen!
big love to you all,

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