Kickstarter campaign: new goal

dawn pic 5Firstly, big thanks to everyone who has pledged so far! Your support is invaluable and very encouraging.

I have come up with a new goal. Based on the amount pledged so far, and the number of you who have pledged(just under 100), we need to round up another 550 backers to reach our target sum. A daunting task!…but certainly do-able.

Perhaps you could reach out to anyone you know who you think would enjoy hearing the album we are planning to record, and encourage them to preorder it. Use your own words, or copy and paste this –

Please consider helping my friend George record his next album. Check out his plans and his Kickstarter campaign here

If you’d do this you would earn my undying gratitude! Here is a demo of one of my new songs as an early reward –

I shall be working this campaign right up till the end, no matter what, and still firmly believe we can do it. I’d like to personally thank the following backers who have pledged since the last update,

Jeremy Tepper
Mark Smith
Margaret Burke
Stephen Tunnicliffe Wilson
Alistair & Lizzie Mack
Josephine Sims
Terese White
Cree McCree
Roberto Sasso
Michael Sjöholm
Agnes Badoo
Søren Dyhr
John Bacon
Birgitte Bruun
Charles Bacon
Toni Ostrow
Paul Goodwin
Jonathan Sheehan
Fabian Bonner
Francesco Calazzo
Belinda Gent
Darren Wiseman
Leigh Chambers
Sebastian Walton
Scott Harrow
Hanna Tesfaye
Peter Hoare

I am so heartened by your kind support. If for no other reason, this is going to be a great album because there is so much love already going into it!
more soon,

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