Day 7 – momentum slowly building

dawn pic 1what a hair raising business this crowdfunding malarkey is!…luckily most of my hair fell out long ago…

I am very grateful to all of you for the support you have given me…since the last update the following people have joined us –

Luc Borms
Lee Cave-Berry
Stephen B Antonakos
Lucy Plewman
Kevin Buxton
Guy Coombe-Whitlock
Mark Ettinger
Alexandra Keane
David A Holmes
Mike Boursnell
Susan Sorensen
Richard Ashman
Dana Lacroix
Loz Lozwold
P(?)  I’d love to know who you are!
Martha Filonowicz
Mike Nathan
Daneet Steffens
Claudine Lazar
Kieron  not sure who you are either!
Ricky Howlett
Henrietta Treyz
Dutch Van Spall
Tony   you too are a mystery!
William Troiani

big, big thanks to you all for having faith in me….you make me more determined than ever to bring this all to pass..

here is a live video of us performing one of the songs we may record..

and please, tell anyone you know who might be interested to have a look themselves and consider joining us…we’re gonna make this happen!
love & peace

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