Day 4 – starting to cook!

Hello there!…our Kickstarter campaign is starting to pick up a little momentum, and I’ve got a couple more irons in the fire that should see an upswing over the next week or so…

big thanks to the following supporters who have generously pledged in the last couple of days…

Jay Sherman-Godfrey
Dolly Bonner
Chris Forman
Marina Bush
Wade Beatty
Michael Caiati
Mike Chamberlain
Gregor Huss
Georgina Culham
Mark Farmer
Debra Irizarry
Mary-Jane Brown
Mark Horn
Bruce Donnola
Tony Collins
Larry Blasius
Simon Camps
Romy Gensale
Paddy Keane
Jack Adams

I am humbly grateful to you all!

Here’s a little live video of one of the songs we plan to record…

With your help, we’re going to make this happen,
and I cannot thank you enough,
big love

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