Nov/Dec Tour Day 12

Saturday found me making my way down to Brixham in Devon to spend the evening singing and playing in the Blue Anchor pub. I arrived in time for a short lie-down upstairs. Emma the landlady was most welcoming, and when I came downstairs, I set up my stuff and then sat down to enjoy a delicious lamb shank supper with mashed potatoes and greens.

I was scheduled to begin at 9 but a couple of regulars had said they were not sure they would last that long! So I began performing about 20 minutes early, shortly after my cousin Eve and her husband Mike showed up with a sailing buddy of his.

Brixham is a lovely old fishing village with a beautiful little harbour. It has its expected share of touristy bars and restaurants but the Blue Anchor appears to be very much a locals hang out that has live music several times a week and is blessed with a loyal and devoted clientele.

We had a most enjoyable evening. The regulars who had threatened to leave wound up staying till closing time and I was warmly received.

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