Nov/Dec Tour Day 11

Once in a while I get to finally meet someone I have known digitally for a while, through mutual friends etc. Friday night produced one of those moments when I went to see and hear Aaron Beavers and his fabulous band SHURMAN.

I had Friday off, so arranged to stay with my cousin Eva and her boyfriend, yet another Aaron. After some fine home cooking we made our way down to the Bullingdon on Cowley Rd in Oxford which unaccountably is now calling itself the Art Bar… no one knows where it is!….whereas everyone knows the Bullingdon which has been there for years…oy vey…

We found the other 3 members of the band, Harley HusbandsMichael Therieau and Clint Short, quietly waiting in an almost empty room while an opening act did its thing. Aaron was off about his business elsewhere. He soon appeared and the band took the stage and despite big sound problems(the sound guy had quit the night before and the new guy was struggling with unfamiliar and insufficient equipment), and a poor turn out, proceeded to rock the house in time honoured fashion.

They are a magnificent band, everyone working 110%, great songs, and truckloads of energy. We were all totally won over. We got to hang out after the show. They have a Christmas record, the Shurman Family Holiday Album that includes a song of mine ‘Cold Shoulder’.

Aaron was also a member of John Popper’s Duskray Troubadours project which featured a couple of my songs, ‘A Lot Like You’ and ‘What Can I Do For You’. So there’s my trumpet duly blown! It was really great to meet Aaron and his band, who turned a lacklustre evening into a great night.

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