Nov/Dec Tour Day 9

After 8 gigs in 7 days I was looking forward to my day off, but at the same time I found myself itching to play. So when my friend Ian Perry with whom I was staying in Bristol suggested going to an open mike I jumped at the chance. And am I glad I did!

I dont remember ever being at a more diverse, open minded, welcoming, open mike anywhere in my travels. Songs, poetry and improvisation and all original, except for an elderly piano player who thumped away while singing songs by the Beatles, Billy Joel and the Eagles!

A very high standard of material prevailed throughout the evening, and also there was quite an assortment of people there who had just come to hang out and listen. So many open mikes I have been to are attended by no one but the fellow participants. This was a real vibrant scene that non musicians wanted to be part of.

I sang a couple of songs earlier on, then later joined a jam and got to play some bass. Throughout the evening, people stopped to talk for a spell, complimenting me, or just wondering aloud where I came from. I havent attended such a friendly, inspiring gathering for a long time.

I guess it proves how much I needed to get out on the road and meet some new people. Just hanging round ones home town can wear a little thin. If we musicians keep moving around, we stay on our toes playing-wise, and dont outstay our welcome, so the next time we are around folks are glad to see us!

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