Nov/Dec Tour Day 10

Last night Matt Woosey and I both performed sets at a special eating and hanging event organised by Angela Yon. It was a fabulous evening! Angela prepared some delicious food and the two dozen or so guests brought the drinks of their choice.

Once most of the eating had been accomplished, the music began. Matt played for 40 minutes or so thrilling everyone with his compelling guitar style and soulful songs. He had to drive his girlfriend to Heathrow in the middle of the night so we had agreed he would begin. He is a tough act to follow!

We had a break of about 15 minutes for cigarettes outside, ablutions and such and then it was my turn. As it turned out I did fine. My music and approach is quite different to Matts and I managed to engage the enthusiastic audience with my guitar and mandolin driven songs. An encore was insisted on, then I packed up my gear, only to get it out again and over more wine, play some tunes with Angela’s very talented daughter Amy.




It was a most enjoyable evening…thank you Angela and Hatters Touring!

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