Nov/Dec Tour 2013 Day 8

Yesterday I spent a most enjoyable day in the company of Tony Hobden,
a music lecturer at Weston College, a very talented fellow and all round good guy! I had left Nottingham a little before 9 and had to drop Si Anthony off in Malvern on the way. I called Tony to say I was running a little late and he reassured me it would work out fine. I got a call from him when I was 3 miles from the college to say I was due on stage in just over 10 minutes! He met me in the car park and I hobbled in(did my back in the night before!) and took the stage. What followed was a very relaxed workshop.

I began by singing one of my songs. Then Tony asked a few pertinent questions, prompting me to relate stories of my chequered career in music. A few students then asked questions. After that I finished with another song, Maybe my current single. Here is a home made video of the song featuring paintings by the wonderful Walt Turton.

After this we had lunch in the canteen and were joined by my old friend Issy Emeney who just happens to be doing a Fine Arts course in the college. It was a great pleasure to see her and catch up a little. She is a very talented melodeon player and composer who also performs regularly as a duo with her husband Dave.
A little later we went into town so I could buy a phone charger as I had left mine in Nottingham! We then went to Tony’s house where I took a short nap and shaved and made myself presentable for the evening’s performance.
Loves Cafe is a great little venue in the heart of Weston Super Mare. The plan for the evening was to get there in plenty of time as I was to be filmed  by students from the college with some very high quality equipment. We all did our setting up, ate a delicious supper, and then the musical fun began. The show was opened by two very talented youngsters. I then took to the stage and performed for about an hour to a small but enthusiastic audience.
This a great venue, and I look forward to coming back next year for a return engagement. Thank you Anna for your hospitality and the chance to sing for you all. And thank you Tony for taking such very good care of me and being such magnificent company…..hasta pronto amigo!

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