les rues de France 2012 pt 3 Le Havre & Caen

On Sunday morning, my plan was to go to an 11.00am mass in Rouen and then head for Le Havre. This meant getting packed and vacating my room by 10 to give me time to get down town, park and find the church. In a town full of lovely old churches I found myself in a very modern one, where a small group of children were receiving their first communion. The church was in fact a beautiful airy space with lovely stained glass and a friendly congregation. To be among them for the children’s special day was an unexpected privilege and pleasure. There were printed sheets for the service so we could all join in on the singing, which they did with some gusto.

After mass, I took a bit of a walk and finally chose a cafe to drink a coffee in and use the toilet. That done I set out for Le Havre. When I arrived I made my way straight to the Formule 1, moved into my room and took a nap. On awakening, I had a cup of tea and made my way into town to have a look round. The town centre reminded me a  little of Plymouth in England. Not that it particularly resembled it, but rather that they both being ports, the chances are Le Havre had the bejasus bombed out of it during the war, just as Plymouth did. So the centre is filled with ugly 50s and 60s buildings which makes for a bleak atmosphere. I found a walking street that was deserted, but it was Sunday evening.

Resolving to return in the morning, I went and found somewhere to eat. I had a delicious dinner, and was amused by the pictured plumbing feature in the restaurant toilet. A vomitorium?

The next morning I went into town and was not surprised to discover that there were very people around. The walking street was almost as quiet as the previous evening. After a coffee I set off for Caen which was just over an hour away.

Caen had a number of walking streets and after a coffee I went and set up and was warmly received. People were friendly and I made some money and passed the afternoon very happily. So Caen has been added to the list of places worth a visit by this busker. 

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