a wandering minstrel I

I am setting of to France tomorrow to do a little busking. Its been a while. It used to be great. It always seemed that the good people of France were a little more welcoming of visiting artistes than perhaps the English were. As we travelled around, we earned more than enough to get by, and were treated most graciously.

My son asked me yesterday how long it has been since I last busked there. Thinking about it, I realised that I hadn’t played in the street in France since the summer of 1999….last century!

This time last year I began doing a little busking in small to medium towns in England. Response was varied but certainly better than I expected. I now have an amazing battery powered amp that really makes an acoustic guitar sound like an acoustic guitar. I also got a new guitar with great modern electronics. So I sound better than ever!

So I look forward to setting up shop in a ‘Rue Pietons’ and seeing how it goes. Of course I am also looking forward to just being in France where I feel very at home. I spent a lot of time there during the 70s, speak more than passable French, enjoy the way of life, the food, the wine…..

So wish me a bon voyage!

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