les rues de France 2012 pt 4 Rennes & Nantes

After a picnic style supper in my Caen Formule 1 sleeping box, I went to bed happy and sober, and was blessed with a deep ,dreamless nights sleep. The plan the next morning was to make my way to Rennes. My memories of Rennes were that it was a beautiful old city, the capital of […]

les rues de France 2012 pt 3 Le Havre & Caen

On Sunday morning, my plan was to go to an 11.00am mass in Rouen and then head for Le Havre. This meant getting packed and vacating my room by 10 to give me time to get down town, park and find the church. In a town full of lovely old churches I found myself in […]

les rues de France 2012 pt 2…Amiens et Rouen

The morning after my fruitless adventures in Lille and Belgium, I had planned to set off for Rouen, stopping in Amiens if the weather improved. The forecast was for rain all day, but the next day looked promising. Off I set through intermittent rain, but by the time I was approaching Amiens, the sun had […]

les rues de France 2012 pt 1

Here begins a report of my current trip, testing the buskability of the places I go to. My first stop was in Lille, a beautiful old city near the Belgian border. I arrived there in the afternoon, and went and found my booked Formula 1 hotel. After a refreshing nap(!) I went into town and […]

a wandering minstrel I

I am setting of to France tomorrow to do a little busking. Its been a while. It used to be great. It always seemed that the good people of France were a little more welcoming of visiting artistes than perhaps the English were. As we travelled around, we earned more than enough to get by, […]