old songs that we still like

Today I am going to spend 2 hours on a river boat with my friend Cath Coombs, entertaining a party of elderly folk. We’ll be singing mostly old chestnuts that have stood the test of time, and at least for some of the time we hope they will be singing along with us.

What a treat! When else do I get the chance to sing, ‘Smile’, ‘From A  Jack to a King’, ‘Molly Malone’, ‘Que Sera Sera’, ‘Lili Marlene’, ‘You Are My Sunshine’, ‘We’ll Meet Again’, and so on, one after another in the same set?

I remember reading an old interview with Bob Dylan in a Songwriting magazine, and at one point he was moved to say, “Arent there more than enough songs already?” Or words to that effect. If someone of his stature can say that, it should give us navel-gazing, tortured soul songwriters pause.

Of course we are not going to stop writing songs. Maybe one day we may inadvertently pen a classic. But in the meantime lets not forget to revisit those fabulous old songs that got us excited in the first place. It sure wont hurt.

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