because I love it

This musical life is fraught with disappointment. I expect too much. Ideally I would go about my business with no expectations whatsoever. Yet at the heart of any business is the hope that sustained effort will reap some measurable reward.

I believe that playing music is its own reward. I write songs, sing them to people when the opportunity arises, make recordings of them, all because I love doing so. People do appreciate what I do and I am grateful for their feedback and support. I even earn a few shekels once in a while.

So why do I get disappointed? One reason is that I want to do better work. I believe I can sing better, play better and write better, and that I will do if I keep working at it. Which is one reason why I always loved this song….

The other cause of disappointment is the sense of deserving a little more recognition for my work. In my heart I know full well this is folly and a waste of good energy, but I still cant quite shake it.

Still, tonight I will play in a tiny pub, a place I enjoy performing, to a group of people I like very much. I confidently expect to earn next to nothing and have a great time. At such times it is easier to remind myself how lucky I am, and why I do what I do…..because I love it!

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