keeping it simple

In between getting my back yard ready to seed a little lawn, preparing to reorganise and decorate my office/studio, feeding the tribe, with all the hunting and gathering that entails, and a little dusting(!), I am making some fresh recordings of songs of mine. For expediency’s sake, but also because I like the sound of […]

because I love it

This musical life is fraught with disappointment. I expect too much. Ideally I would go about my business with no expectations whatsoever. Yet at the heart of any business is the hope that sustained effort will reap some measurable reward. I believe that playing music is its own reward. I write songs, sing them to people […]

when the sun comes out over Ireland

The Whateverly Brothers live in a pub and looking sorta Irish! Happy St Paddy’s Day! For more great content, remember to subscribe to my RSS feed. Subscribe