when all else fails

global front copyLike everyone I presume, I get emails that impart scandalous information about the rich and powerful’s ongoing efforts to destroy the planet. While they keep us topped up with drink and drugs, and glued to TV sports shows and celebrity bosh, we are all quietly being shafted. Ho hum…

Occasionally, before I can stop myself, my knees jerk, and I forward the juicy titbit to a bunch of friends. I always regret doing this. Its hardly ever the whole story, and often as not, its biased and inaccurate. Sensationalism, by its very nature, has scant regard for the truth.

Within 24 hours of my knees jerking, I will generally receive a handful of emails from my more patient friends, pointing out discrepancies in whatever I sent them, and directing me to links where I might find opposing views, or at least fuller assemblies of facts. Suitably chastised, I respond with limp apologies, and renew my determination to desist in future from swallowing such drivel whole.

This scenario played out again recently, and one musical pal wisely responded in the following way, ‘…I guess man WILL kill himself… we haven’t failed at that yet!…Now let’s get back to something we can do… music!’ Thank you Paul.

What can we do? Canvas, lobby, plead and demonstrate for better behaviour? Vote for better leaders? Run for office ourselves? Bloody revolution? None of the above hold much appeal, or promise much chance of success.

So instead, let us pray for guidance to better know, love and serve God, take care of our families, and make fruitful use of our talents. And may I direct you to a Whateverly Brothers song, when all else fails, which restates this time honoured advice.

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