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As the December party season grinds on, the grand finale looms. Amateur night. People who barely touch a drink for the rest of the year, feel compelled to drink themselves stupid, and often sick, on New Years Eve.

For us jaded party professionals, the best option may be to go to bed early and wake up sober. Get a head start on the new year. I once took advantage of the low fare and flew to the UK from New York on December 31.  Stepped off the plane at Heathrow to cold, but brilliant sunshine, sober as a kitten. Felt good.

For years on end I played a gig on New Years Eve. In New York, getting out to play in front of an audience was tough the rest of the year, but everyone worked that night. They were not always the greatest gigs. I have a spooky recording of a New Years gig we did one year with a stellar troupe of New York’s finest players. The music sounds great, but each time a song or tune ends, you are reminded that there is a loud, ceaseless babble going on throughout, that barely alters when the music stops. The assembled throng was adept at yelling at itself. Which didn’t make us feel particularly wanted. But not particularly unwanted either. Perhaps if we hadn’t been there, they would have whispered, and felt less comfortable.

Making a friendly noise, that puts people at ease,  isn’t such a bad job. However, as the years slip by, it can come to seem a fairly desperate ritual. So when several years ago, already back in England, I began to not work New Years Eve every year, I quickly realised what a relief it was not be involved in all that senseless fun. I enjoy a party once in a while, but I’ve had it with getting out of it for the sake of it.

This year I am invited to a friends house where the plan is to eat and drink and play music together. For the sheer fun of it. I’m looking forward to being with some fine musicians I haven’t played with for ages. And we wont get too drunk because we’ll be playing most of the time.

Happy New Year everyone!

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