happy birthday Jesus

birth-of-jesus-1-tnWhat kind of a man continues to have a birthday each year, at which everyone else buys each other presents and largely ignores him? And he doesn’t complain?

‘A dead man,’ you might reply. We are told he was put to death, but we are also told he came back to life three days later. So where is he now?

Those of us raised as Christians are familiar with the joyful retelling each year of the virgin birth. But millions of non-Christians and even the staunchest of non-believers have heard some version of the story of Jesus. Some dismiss it as myth. Some believe bits of it, but are unable to accept the whole story. Then there are those who not only believe it all, but base their whole way of life on it.

What much of the world have in common is a willingness to gather and celebrate on this day. As this is done in his name, this surely pleases Jesus, wherever he may be. So as the big day approaches, and we empty our bank accounts and fill up our homes with gifts and food for ourselves, spare a thought for the birthday boy. Perhaps there is something we could do for him?

My friend Jeremy Tepper and I wrote a song back in 1985, and I realised that really I need to redo the song each year. So here is this years version of Happy Birthday Jesus for you to have.

Happy Christmas!

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