wexford morning

wexford21I’m sitting in a hotel dining room, eating breakfast. Outside the window, it is still mostly dark, and the lights of the town are twinkling across the river. I have just crossed the Irish Sea, and I’m now in Wexford. Soon I will be able to go to the place I’m to sleep, but there’ll be no one there till 8.00am, and with typical Irish kindness, I am being taken care of until that time.

 It probably wont be a sunny day. More like a grey, drizzly one. What they call a ‘soft’ day in these parts. It hardly matters. I’m in Ireland to play music for 4 days. No amount of precipitation will dampen my spirits.

 By lunchtime, I expect to have been joined by my New York compadres who are flying into Dublin and renting a car. Tonight we play here in a fabulous Thai restaurant. Dinner is part of the deal. Tomorrow we all head down to Cork for rest of the weekend. There is a big jazz festival going on and we are bit players in the cast of thousands.

 How did I get so lucky?

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