my Fender Precision

my bassIn the next few days I am putting in time practicing up on my bass for a long weekend in Ireland with George Kilby Jr. This morning I was realising what a wonderful thing my 1969 Fender Precision is. Its the only bass I have ever owned. I borrowed the money to buy it back in 1983 in NYC when it became clear I was going to get more work playing bass than being a half-assed troubadour.

When I got it, it had original standard Precision pick-ups, as well as a sort of jazz pick up which is still there. The original Precision pick-ups wore out, and I had them replaced. These also wore out(!) and sometime in the mid80s, the wonderful Mark Dann fixed it up the way it still is today. Whoever had put the jazz pick up on had done a bit of a hack job. The wiring was not that great and there was always a certain amount of extra noise. Mark put some new pick-ups on, rewired and screened it in some way, so that it now makes no noise at all until you ask it to.

It is a sturdy, easy-to-play, great sounding bass and I love it. Other bass players are invariably full of admiration. They chide me for how dirty it is….personal grooming is a low priority for me and my instruments….but they cant deny its all round musical excellence.

Since I’ve had it, it has done service in many parts of the world, on street corners with a funky street amp, and at thousands of gigs ranging from tiny bars , through private functions, clubs, to large concert halls and outside festival stages. It has never let me down.

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