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I’m getting involved in house concerts this autumn. We are starting quietly in 2 different houses. In both venues, we have decided to stage the show in the living room, with the performer(s) positioned in front of the fireplace. The burning of wood and coal will be temporarily suspended! 15 – 20 guests maximum are expected.  Admission will be by invitation only.

neilboxThe first will be myself and Neil Thomas, NYC accordioniste and songman extraordinaire, at my brother’s house in Bury St Edmunds. This will take place on Tuesday November 3rd starting around 8.00pm.

whateverly studio bafflementThen in December, the great Jono Manson will be visiting and we plan a couple of shows as the Whateverly Brothers.One will be at my brothers house again on Tuesday December 8, and the other will be at friends house in Swavesey, a village about half way between Cambridge and Huntingdon. We may have an earlier one in Swavesey in November as a sort of trial run.

If all goes well, in the new year we hope to stage shows once a month or so. A number of these will be friends from the US who are over here touring. This will be an opportunity to hear them in an unusually intimate setting. To this end I am looking for a place to accommodate slightly larger audiences. 30 – 4o would be ideal.

I am also interested in hooking up with similar situations in different parts of the country, with a view to sharing and developing this fantastic way of providing opportunities for performers and audiences to get together with a minimum of fuss.

So, if you are interested in any of the shows mentioned, get in touch. And if you are staging house concerts and are looking for performers, are if you are a performer interested in appearing at one of our shows, get in touch!

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