wexford morning

I’m sitting in a hotel dining room, eating breakfast. Outside the window, it is still mostly dark, and the lights of the town are twinkling across the river. I have just crossed the Irish Sea, and I’m now in Wexford. Soon I will be able to go to the place I’m to sleep, but there’ll […]

my Fender Precision

In the next few days I am putting in time practicing up on my bass for a long weekend in Ireland with George Kilby Jr. This morning I was realising what a wonderful thing my 1969 Fender Precision is. Its the only bass I have ever owned. I borrowed the money to buy it back […]

house concerts

I’m getting involved in house concerts this autumn. We are starting quietly in 2 different houses. In both venues, we have decided to stage the show in the living room, with the performer(s) positioned in front of the fireplace. The burning of wood and coal will be temporarily suspended! 15 – 20 guests maximum are expected.  Admission […]

what makes a great song?

Watching my friend, Rachelle, singing this great song got me pondering that pithy, never-to-be-answered-fully question. Is it the melody? Is it the lyric, or subject matter? Is it the way it is sung? Is it the rhythm? Does it make you want to join in? Any of these by themselves may get your attention. But […]

money for old rope?

Heres a curious thing. For a mere $375, I am being offered an ‘impartial, objective review of my work, written in the same format – and to the same standard of professionalism and expertise – as a traditional Billboard review.’ What clients will not get is, ‘Publication or exposure in Billboard Magazine or Billboard.com. Reviews you […]