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street flakesYesterday being a sunny, clear-skied morning, we took to the streets. Guitar, bass and saxophone, 2 little rechargeable amplifiers, a microphone and stand were the raw materials. The 3 of us assembled at our chosen spot at 8.30am, in order to claim the pitch. An hour then went by, drinking coffee and talking turkey, while we waited for early shoppers to start wandering by.

Around 9.30, though the trickle of passersby was still pretty thin, we set up our tools and began to play. There’s not much to beat making music on a city sidewalk in the sunshine. Within a few opening numbers, several friends dropped by to greet us, and we soon had a groove established.

Our primary goal in behaving like this, apart from the sheer fun of it, is to advertise our services. I am currently offering lessons, updated poster for mailout

and we are always open to offers to perform at private affairs of any persuasion, business card mk2.

A number of people took leaflets and cards away, and we also made a little money. And I have to say we sounded pretty good. Fabian on bass, and Pete on sax, have recently been in Canada with Horace X playing a festival, and I’ve been in Norway playing with George Kilby Jr, so we are all refreshed and inspired from our travels.

Its a particular thing, street performing. You have before you the very opposite of a captive audience. You need to be committed. You have to put out some energy. You must do everything you can to engage with the people going by. And its to be expected that a great deal of people will pass you by without so much as a nod.

But when you do connect with people it is a wonderful thing. Children are especially responsive, often dragging their reluctant handlers to a halt, to wonder and behold what is going on. When smiles and gratitude are forthcoming, my belief that busking is an honourable profession is reaffirmed.

We continued, with a short break, till around lunchtime. Then, because we felt like stopping, we did. We packed up our things and made way for a young trio packing acoustic guitars and hand drums.

We’ll be back in 2 weeks!

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