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string winderThe instruments need new strings. I have the strings, so there is no excuse. Its one of those tasks that the minute I’ve done it, I wonder why I waited so long. But until I begin, I am filled with dread. Often I wind up waiting till there is something I want to watch on TV and do it in front of the tube.

The flaw in this method is that weeks can go by before I notice anything on TV worthy of my attention. That sounds elitist. I wish there was more on TV that interested me. But there aint!

Anyway, the Martin will go on for quite a while with manky strings. The bass notes get muddier and the volume diminishes, but around the house this does fine until it begins being out of tune with itself. At that point I have no choice but to restring it. When I’m gigging I wont wait this long. When its amplified the difference is more marked.

The mandolin appears to last longer between string changes, but as soon as I do restring it, I am astonished at the difference and vow to change them more often in future. Ho hum….

Anyway, I feel like having fresh strings all round, so this evening I shall brave the idiot box, and endure some nonsense long enough to replace a total of 14 strings. When there is time, this is an effective way to do it. I will approximately tune them right then and then fine tune and play them both the next morning. I often do this when I am planning to record the next day.

If I’m restringing in a hurry, I’ll be sure to stretch the strings well as I’m doing so, which dramatically increases the chance of staying in tune.

This not ground breaking stuff. Its just what I do. Toodle pip…..

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