Corn Flakes in the house

securedownloadThis evening, myself and my two trusty cohorts will be plying our trade in this action packed cellar bar. They stop serving at 1.00am, which by English standards is l-l-late!

I dont think we have ever had a dull evening here. Refreshingly, there are more or less equal parts men and women on the prowl. Its not just teams of blokes tying one on. Its girls out in gangs, couples, parties, and lone wolves as well.

Often the assembled throng need little persuasion to take to the dance floor and shake. Which inspires the band to further frenzy. Its a sweaty business.

There is an exceptionally friendly staff, who get very busy, but remain cool. The room being a series of arched cellar spaces, there  are all kinds of nooks and crannies for conspiracy and canoodling.

The price of admission is unbeatable. There isnt one!

So if you are in the neighbourhood, drop in for a noggin.

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