axing for a new dream

Taylor dreadnoughtI want to buy a new guitar. There is nothing the matter with my Martin. On the contrary it is more fabulous than ever. But for the various live gigs I do, it is not always ideal. It never sounds as good as when it is played purely acoustically, and not many engagements allow for that these days.

So I’m looking for an affordable, well made, fine sounding instrument with state of the art electronics that allow for easy, trouble free  amplification. In a store the other day, I had a quick look at a Taylor. I have always liked these but considered them out of my range. This one was going for £500 and change, and seemed like a fine instrument.

So how will I pay for it, and how will I justify the expense? ‘Book more gigs’, is the answer to both questions. Playing live is always a pleasure, the sure route to making new fans/friends, and incomparably the best way to hear music.

So before I go and lash out on the new axe, I am setting myself a target of finding 10 new venues within 2 hours of home, that are prepared to have me do my thing. When they are in the datebook, I’ll go get it!

Which presents an interesting formula for advancement. If you want something, then think of something else you also want, and make one the reward for obtaining the other!

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