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mando a la porte
This is the last day of my short vacation in France. I dont have my 6 string with me. Instead I have my mandolin. I love both of these instruments equally. But the little 8 string is a lot easier to haul around. Often at home it gets a little neglected in the daily workout. So we have been catching up a little.
Instruments affect my singing differently, and inspire me to write a different flavour of song. A friend in NYC gave me a funky mandolin back in the mid 80s, saying he thought it might suit me. I have been a devotee ever since.
I have had a number of different mandolins over the years. The one I have at the moment is as good as any I’ve had. It is made by a gentleman named Paul Hathaway in London. It sounds great, plugged in or acoustic.
I have been singing and playing it out in my brothers barn this morning. I have to remember to keep checking the tuning, not because of faulty machine heads, but to adjust to the shifting temperature. Mandolins are far more sensitive in this regard, because there is much more tension in the strings than on a guitar…shorter distance between nut and bridge.
Now its time to pack up and go to the airport. I pack the mandolin in a mandola bag and surround it with a sweatshirt, books and various small paraphanalia. Perfect carry-on bag. For those familiar with travelling by Ryanair in Europe, the importance of this will be understood.
So its back to England, where my guitar and mandolin will be reunited. I swear they miss each other when they are apart.

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