I pick it up…..I put it down

I have had one guitar or another since I was 13. Thats 46 years. Currently my main squeeze is a Martin D35 I have had for 22 years. Once I have picked it up and tuned it, anything can happen. Most days I get at least this far.

I like to sing, which is why I took up the guitar in the first place. So, although I might play a few scales to get my fingers working, I more often just start in singing whatever song springs to mind.

I also love writing songs. If I get an idea for a song, hours may go by. I like to try and get to a point where I have a singable version of the new song done before taking a break. There may well still be some weak words or lines, and even musically unclear passages. But if I dont get this far, I probably will never finish it.

This behaviour has driven girlfriends, wives, and partners to distraction. Once I’m embarked on a new song, I’m out of reach for the duration. Its a pretty selfish pastime. I figure if I didnt do this, I would be a grumpy pain in the ass, so I might as well do what suits me best…with a guitar in my hands.

No wonder I have been single now for several years. Perhaps its better that way. By the time I put it down, lovers are long gone, and the children are hungry.

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