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I have a gig on Wednesday, the first since my stint as bass player for George Kilby Jr. For the last two days I’ve been at work all day, so there’s not been much time to practice. This morning has been clear to sing and play some.

I usually wear a hat and sunglasses when I’m warming up. It makes me play faster and sing with more resonance. Appearances are everything. Maybe if I look foolish while I’m practicing, I’ll get it out of my system and look half decent on the night. And if I keep practicing I hope to sound OK too.

My kitchen is a dazzling place. Apart from the expected appliances, there is an indecent amount of light, and the lingering scent of yesterdays supper. It smells good, but its no use. I ate it all last night. As food chapels go, there isnt much to eat in here. Inside the refrigerator, there’s mayo and BBQ sauce, but nothing to slop it on. I threw the limp celery away last night. There are 2 eggs in a box that says ‘use by Aug 10’. I’ll toss them tomorrow.

My house is suffering from a serious case of neglect. I’ve been away for two weeks. My kids have been away since late July and are due back in two days. I’m afraid I’ve let things slide somewhat. I’ve tried to sing the dirt away but it doesnt budge. Before it closes I’m going to visit the supermarket and purchase a few ingredients. Then I’ll come home and spend the rest of the day tidying, vacuuming, mopping, dusting and such, pausing only to prepare a simple meal in my by then, spotless kitchen.

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