come on in my kitchen

                I have a gig on Wednesday, the first since my stint as bass player for George Kilby Jr. For the last two days I’ve been at work all day, so there’s not been much time to practice. This morning has been clear to sing and play some. I usually […]

looking better….to sound better!

Why would something as sensitive and magnificent as a guitar respond warmly to being around someone dirty and smelly? You wouldnt go out for the evening with your spouse or partner without making some effort to freshen up. There is every reason to treat the instrument with which you make the music you love with […]

the little fella

This is the last day of my short vacation in France. I dont have my 6 string with me. Instead I have my mandolin. I love both of these instruments equally. But the little 8 string is a lot easier to haul around. Often at home it gets a little neglected in the daily workout. So […]

I pick it up…..I put it down

I have had one guitar or another since I was 13. Thats 46 years. Currently my main squeeze is a Martin D35 I have had for 22 years. Once I have picked it up and tuned it, anything can happen. Most days I get at least this far. For more great content, remember to subscribe to […]